Top Procedures to Help Minimize the Signs of Aging

Top Procedures to Help Minimize the Signs of Aging

If you are in your thirties or beyond, you might find that you are starting to notice signs of aging when you look in the mirror. This is okay because it’s perfectly normal, and if you feel great about how you feel when looking in the mirror, then that’s amazing!

However, many people choose to find ways to prevent signs of aging and finding the right treatments can be tricky. There are many creams and over-the-counter potions that promise dramatic results, but they are expensive and often don’t get you the look you want.

If you find you want more results, it might be time to reach out to a med spa in Overland Park like Associated Plastic Surgeons. You can meet with one of our doctors and get a good idea about what procedures will work best to give you the results you want.

So, what are some of the best anti-aging procedures to get at a med spa in Overland Park?

Injectable Fillers

Injectable fillers are an excellent option for someone wanting to minimize wrinkles and fill lines. Although there is some minimal swelling and redness associated with the treatments, it generally goes away in a few hours, and you can go back to your daily tasks right away.

It is possible you might need some downtime, so you may want to schedule some time off after the treatment or work from home if possible. You should massage the area and refrain from having other facial procedures done directly after, but you can resume most cosmetic routines within a week after treatments. Remember, results vary from person to person, so you should talk to your doctor about your expectations at your consultation.

Lip Fillers in Overland Park

Lip fillers are growing in popularity because they give you a more youthful look and provide an extra level of confidence and improved overall self-esteem. Lip fillers in Overland Park are a great solution for anyone wanting a subtle or not-so-subtle progression towards a new, youthful appearance.

Chemical Peels

These are a great option for anyone looking to brighten their skin, get rid of age spots, repair sun damage, and improve the overall look of your skin. We all know aging can take its toll but having a chemical peel in Overland Park is a great option to turn back time for your skin. Another benefit is that chemical peels also minimize fine lines, which creates a more youthful appearance.

At Associated Plastic Surgeons, our caring staff and plastic surgeons in Overland Park are dedicated to providing safe procedures with beautiful results you will love. In fact, our med spa was recently voted best med spa in Kansas City by The Pitch’s Roaring KC!

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