Top Procedures to Remedy Older Looking Skin

Top Procedures to Remedy Older Looking Skin

There are plenty of factors which can cause our skin to age. Some things we can’t control; others we can influence. The natural aging process often plays a key role. Visible lines and wrinkles start to appear. Skin becomes thinner and drier—with our genes largely controlling when these changes occur. The medical term for this type of aging is intrinsic aging.

On the other hand, we do have the ability to remedy our environment and lifestyle choices that can cause outward or extrinsic aging. Certain preventive procedures can slow the effects of Father Time, says Dr. Mark McClung, who has helped countless patients reverse the aging process in his 25-year career. “Not a day goes by that a patient doesn’t ask to look younger,” he says.

“It all starts with a good skin care routine,” adds DeeDee Battaglia, the clinical esthetician manager at Associated Plastic Surgeons in-house medical spa. “It’s so important to know how to take care of your skin,” she says. “From aging to acne to dryness and other problems, there are procedures to correct and prevent the flaws in your skin. We have a passion for educating people on the health and wellness of their skin.”

We asked Battaglia and Dr. McClung about the questions they’re most often asked and what APS medical spa and cosmetic surgery procedures might be right for you. Most procedures can conveniently be paired together to help you look refreshed and renewed with nominal downtime.

What plastic surgery procedures can be done to remedy older looking skin?

“Treatment of skin can encompass a variety of treatments from facials to chemical peels and micro needling to surgery. Like DeeDee said, the first line of treatment is quality skin care.

The next level of treatment is often the addition of facials, Botox, fillers. And the next step beyond that would be chemical peels or microneedling followed by deeper chemical peels, laser resurfacing or the more extensive microneedling with additional radio frequency energy. We customize and individualize procedures to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals. Remember, if you have questions, we have answers.” – McClung

I have tons of wrinkles on my neck and face. What would you suggest?

“Significant wrinkles are caused by thickening of the skin’s surface and disorganized cell layers in that outer skin layer. This is best treated by some type of controlled injury and repair such as a chemical peel or an energy device such as a laser or micro needling, both of which you’ll find in our med-spa. Many of these procedures help jumpstart collagen in the skin, which helps smooth and plump the appearance of your face almost instantaneously.” – McClung

Can I combine plastic surgery with cosmetic/spa procedures? Suggestions?

“Absolutely. There are a variety of operations that are commonly combined with skin treatments. One of the most common is a facelift with a perioral chemical peel. Eyelid surgery can be combined with facial chemical peel or a Facetite treatment. There are a large number of possible combinations, but each requires an individualized approach as every patient is different.” – McClung

What would you suggest for overall skin rejuvenation?

“APS has created a full-service medical spa, offering a complete range of dermal fillers, injectables, skin resurfacing, body sculpting and many more treatment options. Our clinical estheticians will analyze your skin type, tone, and quality to prescribe you a tailor-made treatment plan designed just for you. We would suggest meeting with an esthetician and a plastic surgeon to create a cohesive, comprehensive plan of attack. Of course, all consultations are complimentary.” – Battaglia

What procedures are most effective to help me look younger? 

“Different treatment modalities are available to treat the different aspects of skin damage, many of which are found in our med-spa. An individual’s optimum treatment plan has to be created based on a patient’s anatomy and how they’re aging.

My suggestions? Laser treatments, mechanical resurfacing, chemical peels, and injectable products can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It depends if you’re trying to target your entire face or specific regions of the face, such as the upper lip and around the eyes. Since each patient has specific needs, consultations are a must.” – McClung

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