Top Treatments to Start Preparing for Summer Skin

Top Treatments to Start Preparing for Summer Skin

It’s no surprise that winter can really take a toll on the look of your skin. It can also dry it out, leaving you needing some major care and hydration. Summer still feels far away, but healthy glowing skin for the summer starts in the winter, and it’s never too late to up your skincare routine with help from a med spa in Leawood.

When you look at a med spa, it can often be difficult to know where to start. This is why working with a professional and experienced staff can help give you the results you want to see. Med spa experts will evaluate your skin type, discuss your goals, and help create a plan to get you there.

Laser Hair Removal

The first treatment to think about for getting the perfect summer skin is laser hair removal in Leawood. Many people opt for laser hair removal because they have grown tired of shaving constantly. Many people dislike shaving for various reasons.

Razors can:

  • Leave a bad rash
  • Irritate skin
  • Cut the skin, causing scarring
  • Cause ingrown hairs
  • Inflame hair follicles
  • Cause uncomfortable itching

Laser hair removal can be used on most parts of the body on both men and women. This makes it incredibly versatile for getting rid of unwanted hair virtually anywhere for summer.

When you seek out professionals at a plastic surgery med spa in Leawood, you can rest assured that your procedure is completed to the highest standard by professionals.

Chemical Peels

Another great option to brighten your skin before the days of summer can include chemical peels in Leawood. Not only do chemical peels smooth your skin, minimize fine lines, and reduce wrinkles, but this treatment fades discoloration that was caused by sun damage. A chemical peel’s benefits can last up to 6 months, so getting one or even two chemical peels before summer is a great way to get the look you want.

Another critical piece of chemical peels in Leawood is aftercare. Once you get your fresh new skin, make sure to follow your med spa’s advice on maintaining that healthy glow. Remember, it’s important to wear sunscreen regularly on your face after a chemical peel to ensure the maximum protection and prevent any new damages.


Dermaplaning in Leawood is another great option as you look at preparing your skin for summer. Getting this treatment can smooth your face from fine lines and wrinkles. An added benefit is it actually helps treat specific types of acne, clears your pores, and creates a cleaner surface on the skin. Also, your skin products can still go directly on your skin. That means makeup, sunscreen, and creams can all still be used.

At Associated Plastic Surgeons, a med spa in Leawood, we offer a wide variety of services to ensure every patient can get results they can see! Our professionally licensed staff is highly trained to ensure to get the safest and most successful treatment possible.

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