Why Would Someone Get a Breast Reduction?

Why Would Someone Get a Breast Reduction?

While some women desire larger breasts, others want the complete opposite. Thousands of women undergo breast reduction surgery every year because of their large breasts causing discomfort and various problems in their everyday life. At Associated Plastic Surgeons, many women come to us for breast reduction in Kansas City for various reasons. With that being said, why would someone get a breast reduction? Continue reading to learn why.   


Pain and discomfort is the number one reason why so many women see us for a breast reductionBreasts that are large, heavy, and disproportionate can cause extreme pain in the back, shoulders, and neck. Other problems linked to oversized breasts include headaches and nerve problems in the hands.  

Unable To Participate in Physical Activities 

Women who have large breasts often find participating in physical activities nearly impossible. Not only does the size and weight of oversized breasts make playing sports difficult, but it can also be tricky finding supportive clothing and bras to offer necessary coverage. Additionally, many women often say they feel very self-conscious engaging in physical activities like running. This can be very frustrating when you want to stay active but are limited by your breasts. 

Daily Inconveniences  

There are many daily inconveniences women face when they have large breasts in addition to pain and being unable to participate in physical activities. For one, finding clothing that’s flattering, modest, and fitting is often a challenge. Speaking of clothing, grooves often tend to form in the tops of the shoulders from bra straps. This can be uncomfortable and annoying. Some women also complain of having a difficult time sleeping due to the discomfort of large breasts. 

Other Reasons For Breast Reduction: 

Some other common reasons for why someone would want a breast reduction include: 

  • Weight of breasts causing poor posture  
  • Feeling self-conscious in public 
  • Drooping breasts causing the nipples to point downwards 
  • Having breasts that are unequal in size 
  • Experiencing constant rashes and infection under the breasts 

Are You a Candidate For Breast Reduction Surgery?  

As you can see, there are many reasons why someone would want to reduce their breast size. A breast reduction surgery can allow someone to lead a more active lifestyle, minimize pain, and have a better quality of life. If you are interested in this surgery, schedule a consultation online, or give our office a call at (913) 451-3722. Other procedures we offer at our office include liposuction, tummy tucksarm and body lifts, and microneedling in Kansas City.