Chemical Peels in Overland Park for Acne

Chemical Peels in Overland Park for Acne

Chemical Peels in Overland Park for Acne–We have all been there. If you are a teen and you have had it with acne. Visit our med spa in Overland Park. We know it sounds crazy, but chemical peels can sometimes give you just the restart you need. Acne and pimples can be a real hassle and definitely put a strain on your high school social life. Light chemical peels can often offer an excellent option for those teens who struggle with acne.

What do Chemical Peels in Overland Park do?

Do not let the name chemical peels in Overland Park scare you away. It does not make your skin come off. Instead, the procedure involves a particular solution placed on your face that has salicylic acid and quickly exfoliates your skin. This allows your dead skin cells to come off quickly and keeps oil from clogging your pores. Then you won’t have as many pimples. That makes it a great day for someone who suffers from chronic acne at our med spa in Overland Park.

A superficial chemical peel is an excellent supplement for the daily acne treatment routine. Many people call it a lunchtime peel since it is so quick and is so unabrasive. It is a safe procedure and is designed to treat acne and unclog those pores.

Discussing Your Needs for  Chemical Peels in Overland Park

When you go in for your chemical peel, make sure to discuss the need with your clinician at our med spa in Overland Park. If you are a teen, you will, of course, need a parent or guardian with you. After going over the details, this will take 10-20 minutes.

Chemical Peels Are Safe and Effective at Med Spa in Overland Park

Our skin naturally exfoliates to shed dead cells. As we age or our skin is damaged, the exfoliation process slows down, leaving a build-up of dead cells. This causes our skin to look dull and feel rough. Chemical Peels in Overland Parkare used to speed up the exfoliation process. The ingredients in the peel cause the skin to shed the dead skin in one of three ways:

  • Light Peeling- exfoliation on the cellular level, this means that you will not physically see the peel, but it is still happening!
  • Moderate Peeling- minimal peeling or flaking over some areas of the face, similar to a sunburn or dry winter skin.
  • Heavy Peeling- intense peeling all over the face, called sheeting, that can last for several days.

Chemical peels can supplement at-home treatments, and after you see the results of your chemical peels in Overland Park, you may want to schedule appointments regularly at our med spa in Overland Park as well.

Remember that results are not guaranteed and vary from patient to patient. Also, be aware that there is more than one treatment, and sometimes you may have to work with a clinician to find out if you are a good candidate for chemical peels in Overland Park.

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